System 800xA offers flexible and modular I/O solutions through fieldbus technologies and hardwired I/O systems like S800 and S900. The system is now enhanced with Select I/O that allows to condition each signal coming from the field individually. Select I/O is Ethernet connected and consist of single channel granular Signal Conditioning Modules (SCM).

Grounding Terminal Bar with 34 screw terminals for the Select I/O Module Termination Unit. Used to ground shields and spare cores. GTB810 is optional and can be snapped into the TUS810.

Features and benefits

• Grounding bar GTB810 is an option to the I/O unit.
• GTB810 is isolated and can be connected by the user to ground.
• Facilitates grounding of spare cores and cable shields.
• 34 screw terminals (first and last terminal used for the grounding).
• Can be used in hazardous areas.