System 800xA offers flexible and modular I/O solutions through fieldbus technologies and hardwired I/O systems like S800 and S900. The system is now enhanced with Select I/O that allows to condition each signal coming from the field individually. Select I/O is Ethernet connected and consist of single channel granular Signal Conditioning Modules (SCM).

GIS880 a Generic I/O Module for High Integrity. Certified for SIL3. Use as single or redundant.

Features and benefits

• Distribution of process I/O data between the SCMs and the FCI
• Mechanical locking slider which turns off the power supplies before removal
• Supports hot swap
• Mechanical keying to prevent insertion of wrong module type
• Can be used in hazardous areas

• LED indicators:
– Status (S)
– Primary (P

• Diagnostics:
– Hardware error supervision
– Communication supervision
– Internal power supervision

• Certified for SIL3.