System 800xA offers flexible and modular I/O solutions through fieldbus technologies and hardwired I/O systems like S800 and S900. The system is now enhanced with Select I/O that allows to condition each signal coming from the field individually. Select I/O is Ethernet connected and consist of single channel granular Signal Conditioning Modules (SCM).

The FTB810 is a field terminal block for a single SCM. The FTB is fitted on the MTU for Select I/O (TUS810), and the SCM is then fitted on the FTB. When an SCM is inserted into the FTB810 for the first time, the coding fingers are set for that type of SCM. This prevents that the SCM can be replaced with the wrong kind. To reset the coding fingers, remove and reinsert the FTB810.

4-wire Field Terminal Block with screws for the Select I/O Module Termination Unit. 10 pieces per package.


Features and benefits

• One slot for connection of SCM.
• Four screw terminals for connection of wires.
• Coding system with 5 coding fingers for self-learning and resettable coding of the SCM type.
• Can be used in hazardous areas.
• Hole for each terminal for connecting test probes (for measurements).